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The design of mashines and devices is our core competence. We have multiple years of experience in this field of work and can cover everything from mechanical devices to fully automatic mechatronic machines.


Due to our experience in plant construction, we can furthermore support our customers in this area of work. However, we limit ourselves to parts and sections of plants.

Commissioning and assembly

On request, we additionally offer installation, commissioning and maintenance of machines and systems. Here we can score especially with experience in alpine terrain.



anvotic - workprocess design
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anvotic - workprocess design

1. Projectdefinition

Precise understanding of the customer's idea resp. the function and application of the end product in order to set up general conditions. In the case of more extensive projects, a specification/requirement sheet is definitely an advantage.

time requirement:

desired start and completion date, milestones

financial requirement:

determination of the maximum acquisition costs as well as the running costs during operation

technical requirement:

desired and undesired technologies, visual/acoustic/haptic requirements;

2. Conception

Creation of two or three basic concepts in compliance with the previously defined requirements. Preparation of sketches and simplified 3D models. Estimation of the factors which are necessary for the implementation. Execution of decisive analyses (FMEA, WADM,...) for the objective selection of the best variant.

3. Detailing

Detailed 3D modeling of the "best" concept. Elaboration of all projectareas, assemblies and components. The focus lies on constructions that are good in terms of function, production, assembly and maintenance. The CAD (design) takes place according to the customer's wishes with DS SolidWorks or Autodesk Inventor/Autocad.

4. Preperation

Creation of all data relevant for the implementation. From production drawings, parts lists and assembly plans to control schemes, circuit diagrams and P&IDs to operating instructions, service plans and tolerance analyses. Precise definition of the interfaces are decisive in this process step.

5. Implementation

The manufacturing and implementation is carried out by the customer himself or by external partners. However, it is important to involve the planning team at certain stages during assambly and commissioning. In this way you learn what works well and what works less well and can incorporate the knowledge into future projects.

6. Application

The project does not end with commissioning. Valuable information can also be collected during operation. (Maintenance effort, accessibility, user-friendliness,...)


anvotic e.U. is an independent mechatronics business specializing in the planning and implementation of special machine construction. The name consists of three components and reflects our core competencies as well as our values:


In order to maintain high quality work and to create machines of the best quality, a number of parameters have to be right. These include a precise, organized way of working, a deep understanding of the workflows and processes that lead to the end product and a never-ending development of your skills.


Open and honest contact with employees, customers and partners is the foundation for a successful business relationship. If you always act in harmony with your personal values and ideals, this results in a long-term and goal-oriented cooperation.


Standing still means going backwards. Pursuit of new ideas and concepts in connection with well-established and consistent principles. The idea is just the beginning. The implementation and successful application of new concepts represents the challenge.

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Hello my name is Andrä Hofer....

I have been interested in technology since I was a child. My professional path started at the HTL Fulpmes for mechanical engineering and production technology. Five years later, after successfully completing my degree, I was ready to enter the working environment. For the first few years I worked as a designer in a technical office. In addition to work, I started studying mechanical engineering and mechatronics at university on weekends. I successfully completed my studies. After a few years and a lot of experience in special machine construction with a focus on precision mechanics, it was time for professional change. I found this in plant construction at a larger corporation. Two years passed and I was ready to put my idea of my own company into practice. It has always been important to me to work practically and to be active as a craftsman. I can now increasingly implement this in my own company because I like both the development and the execution. For the construction, a manual "feeling" is of immense importance.

"Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication"

I try to apply this principle in my daily work. Complex doesn't necessarily mean good. It is often easier to create a complex solution than a simple one. A simple solution brings advantages in all sub-areas. (organizational, planning, manufacturing and assembly technology, economical and ecological...)



If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to send us an email, or contact us directly using the form below.